• Kirill Perelyguine

How to find a good commercial real estate agent in Toronto, Ontario?

To find a good commercial agent for your transaction in Toronto ( or anywhere) You will need to find a specialist with a skill set that corresponds to your task. For someone who works with land development, the knowledge of zoning by-laws and new developments in the area is crucial. Meanwhile, for someone who works with industrial space, the research skills and ability to sift through a complex lease paperwork is necessary. If an agent is specializing in investment properties, the agent should be an investor him/herself to understand the process inside out. Also, the knowledge of Math is particularly important – income projections and pro-formas are crucial when completing a due diligence of the property.Don’t forget to interview your commercial agent prior to signing the contract with them, to see if you can work together and if the skill set matches the task.

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